Grass Products

See below for our range of artificial grass products:


Our Luxury grass is a combination of dark green strands with a subtle brown base. This is the ideal type of grass, to create that luxury green look. This selection is the highest pile height to create a dense comfortable feel right under your feet. This type of grass comes with the option of having sand in-fill to give it the added stability.


Our Majestic turf, gives off a more natural look to your garden. Its perfect if you are looking to give your garden the added ‘wow’ factor. This turf not only looks fantastic, but it gives of a very genuine fell when underfoot.


The Elite option is fantastic if you are looking for a more dense turf. It is designed with a mixture of light and dark green strains, with gives a very natural feel to the lawn.




Our Sensation turf is ideal for large landscaping projects. This turf is very soft to touch which would make it ideal for gardens where small children play.



Exclusive turf, is perfect if you are working to a budget. It is ideal for roof gardens, balconies and swimming pool edges. The Exclusive turf comes with the option of a sand in-fill for that added stability.



The Schools turf, (as you can guess) is specifically designed with school usage in mind. This means its heavy duty and ideal for playgrounds and play areas.


Our Evolution product can be used for multiple sports. It really comes into its own on tennis courts, sports pitches and can also be used on golf greens. Its versatility makes it the ideal choice if you plan on using it for many sports.


Green Pro

The Green Pro is ultimately designed for being used as golf green. It is made of super high quality nylon which gives off the feeling of playing on a real putting green.